Competent service in tax matters

Competent service in tax matters

Knowledgeable experts

To understand the needs of our clients requires specific knowledge of each client’s industry. We take into consideration the client’s environment, practices and intricacies of their industry to provide the most efficient services possible.
The high quality of services provided to our clients relies on our experience, responsiveness, innovation to challenges and our commitment to understand each client’s specific industry and goals.

Professional requirements

Hired with o less than a bachelors degree, our staff combines knowledge and experience in various industries, as well as commitment to excellence and quality service. Their independence enables them to lead projects with integrity and objectivity.
Staff interns who are completing their education and working toward their audit hours in order to become certified public accountants, are under the supervision of managers and partners to ensure the accuracy and quality of their work. This teamwork environment encourages the transfer of knowledge and plays a major part in the successful completion of our engagements.
Our experts are continually in search of solutions to meet our client’s needs. We take into consideration the specificities of our clients and are considerate of the timely completion of engagements.

Assistance of specialists

CMS has developed several strategic business partnerships with variety of firms to assist our clients with their needs outside the realm of our expertise. Our business partnerships include:

  • Information Technology Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Compagnie des Conseils et Experts Financiers
  • Professional Statistical Databases

Sustaining Education

CMS is committed to sustaining the highest professional standards with providing our Partners and staff with continuing professional education. We continuously remain informed of our industries new standards, evolution of the accounting language, and legal changes. The professional staff regularly attends seminars updating them with regard to tax, accounting and computer knowledge. The firm also provides an extensive professional library for reference that is regularly updated.