Our Services

Our Services

We provide services in various areas of expertise in order to fulfill the specific needs of our clients.


We provide audits in the various areas of business:
Statutory, Financial Statements Merger, Capital Valuation, Conversion, Legal, Tax, Social, Organizational and Information Technology audits.

Public Accounting

In respect to standards and professional ethics defined by our profession, we provide assistance in:

  • Set up of a general or a cost accounting system personalized for the client,
  • Bookkeeping services,
  • Externalization of the accounting and administrative functions,
  • Preparation and certification of the annual, interim and consolidated financial statements,
  • Establishing forecast budgets, cost calculation,
  • Externalization of payroll (social declarations, employment and termination formalities, obligations due to the workforce, etc.)


We are engaged in several consulting enngagements assisting our clients in all stages of their business:

Management Consulting: Company set-up, investment projects, budget control, management chart, financial management, developing quality control, anticipating, detecting and preventing conflicts/obstacles, management of the cash position and our client’S relationship with banks and financial institutions.

Tax, Legal and Social Expertise Consulting: Assisting with the set-up of companies: choosing a tax or social regimen, legal status (tyype of company), administrative formalities, tax returns (income tax, VAT tax, etc.), audits from the tax administration, real estate tax, capital increase, mergers, corporate dissolution and transformation.

Computer Applications and Software Consulting: Assisting with opportunity and needs studies, software program adaptation, set-up of project specifications, choosing an accounting software.