Global Representation

Global Representation

International network

CMS Experts Associés guides clients through their international development and provides them with the professional competence of our international network.

International representation

CMS Experts Associés is a subsidiary of ECA Nexia, member of Nexia International network. Nexia International is the 9th global network of independent accounting and audit firms and includes more than 250 members throughout the world.
Members of Nexia International network are united around a common goal: providing efficient service, satisfying each client’s specific needs and goals, while being an active partner in the client’s growth.
The Nexia network facilitates collaboration among its members to provide effective solutions both locally and internationally. The Nexia network is characterized by men and women with an entrepreneurial spirit who can work closely with SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Personalized assistance

We give to our customers all access to member firms expertise in order to assist them with international trade and foreign investments.
CMS and Nexia member firms services guarantee:

  • Independance
  • Quality Service
  • Expert Knowledge of the Laws and Rules of the Concerned Country

Nexia member firms provide personalized service to all referred clients and engagements.

Assisting international investors

Since several years, CMS assists foreign companies who wish to enter and develop their activity in the French market.
Our expert knowledge of the French market and the experience with several clients and foreign institutions in France (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Banks, etc.) enable us to assist foreign investors with all of their business objectives.